If other media were as sad as comic books


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  1. Will says:

    I find the main problem with reading comics is the value/price ratio. I understand why comics cost what they do (especially some of the amazing stuff today like Black Science that looks like an oil painting in every panel) but it's just too expensive of a hobby for me to sustain. A $3 book is maybe 10-20 min of entertainment at the most and it feels like I'm getting screwed compared to reading a paperback.

    Marvel Unlimited is a nice business model for consumers but I enjoy Image stuff more nowadays and I have no idea if it's a sustainable profit ratio for artists and writers.

    • jwz says:

      St. Ayn would approve of your price-per-minute-of-entertainment metric. Also, there should be more movies where little boys are given factories.

      • Will says:

        I don't actually calculate this every time I buy media, and I do read comics. I just can't afford to read comics too often, so I don't. I only thought about and mentioned the price ratios because I'm guessing it's hard to make comics at a lower price and didn't want it to seem like I'm whining for free comics. When I go back and read my earlier comment, I guess I kinda do come off as an Objectivist asshole.

        After I stop being a cash-strapped student I forsee having a very strong relationship with a local comic-book store.

        • jwz says:

          I've read many 20 page comics that gave me more than 800 page books, time and price aside. E.g., any single issue of Saga versus any Game of Thrones book (or entire tv season).

          • Will says:

            I agree and have gotten a lot out of the comics and graphic novels I've read in the past. In the past few years I've been reading webcomics more often but there's a stack of first issues for about 10 different series I picked up about a year go that's been taunting me. I also need to get around to reading Transmetropolitan at some point.

            I don't know. I don't pirate anything (this is not a strong opinion or moral high ground or anything so everybody please don't try to bait me into an argument about torrents), so maybe I have a weird view of entertainment media.

            By the way, as a warning to anyone else, don't subscribe to Marvel Unlimited if you plan to read on anything other than a desktop computer. When I had a brief subscription earlier this year, I found that the iOS apps sucked hard.

          • nooj says:

            Saga is great! I was sad that one dude died. "The plot device you represented is played. You had your monologue. Now you can represent the fragility of life!"