Funny story: I also magically poop charms.


"I was very disappointed that the charms were not pooped magically, but clearly pooped using the rational laws of science. Still, a poop-charm is a poop-charm, as Woodrow Wilson used to say. Three stars."

"This toy has added a lot of fun to potty-training; my daughter has been searching for charms in all of her bowel movements, and I'm searching for more charms to hide!"

...and "Peanut Big Top" is my Juggalo name.

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5 Responses:

  1. mattyj says:

    Looks for The Onion link, can't find one.

    Bings 'lalaloopsy'.

    Holy crap! These things are real, and they have a Nick Jr. show!

  2. RegorA says:

    "Diaper Surprise" is my juggalo name.

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