Buy Real Magical Mormon Underwear online

What Is Mormon's Secret?

Mormon's Secret is the first and only site in the world selling real Mormon underwear (temple garments) to all adults, regardless of their religious affiliation. For the first time in history, online shoppers can purchase these magical temple garments without first joining the Mormon church and giving up 10% of their income in tithes. Our goal is to make "magical" underwear available to the masses for use as costume wear, fetish wear, and all your kinky, dress-up needs.

What Makes Your Underwear Real?

All of our garments follow the authentic Mormon patterns, heirloom stitching techniques, and traditional Masonic symbols hand-sewn on each garment. The underwear are available in both tops and bottoms, and come in both cotton and mesh fabrics for men, as well as a spanx-like cotton-spandex blend for women. Surprisingly, there is no such thing as kosher Mormon underwear. None of the religious groups that make and distribute temple garments go through a consecration or blessing process. The Mormon Church's secret for making magic underwear is part pattern and part recipe. So to sum it up, our Mormon underwear are as magical as you can get! Our garments even come packaged with a satirical yet accurate description of the actual Mormon underwear initiation ritual that includes nudity, biblical references, and magical expectations.

Why Would I Want To Wear Mormon Underwear If I'm Not Mormon?

  • Comfort
  • Humor
  • You believe in freedom of underwear
  • You have a fetish with Mormonism
  • You used to be a Mormon, still love the underwear, and you're no longer in contact with your supplier
  • You're a costume designer for a Mormon mockumentary
  • Your wife has a thing for Mormon boys, and you're trying to satisfy her needs
  • You want to dress like/feel/be Ann or Mitt Romney
  • You want the funniest political Halloween costume of 2012

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  1. Mark Crane says:

    Cool! Hey, do you have any websites that make fun of Muslims or Jewish people? That would also be hilarious.

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