Aaaaaaaahhhhhh everything is terrible.

Since we still have no video webcast, Streamup continuing to be nonfunctional approximately 100% of the time, I had a stupid idea: I'll webcast silently through Youtube Live, so those pigfuckers won't Content-ID me, and then do audio playback from the MP3 webcast.

Downside: there's not even a remote chance that audio and video will ever be in sync. Upside: by not using Streamup, there's a chance that there might sometimes be any video at all.

But now I can't figure out what the hell I did last time to get video into Youtube at all. FMLE is chugging away, telling me that it has been connected for 26 minutes, but the Youtube "Live Control Room" keeps saying "We are not receiving data from your encoder". FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU...


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  1. Karl says:

    FMLE = Fuck My Life Everyday?

    (FWIW, we use avconv to feed YouTube and it seems to be happy.)

    • Some months ago I sodomized myself using GStreamer for that and if I tried to send a stream without both audio and video (that is, only one of them) it behaved like that. It was also quite picky about the format.

      Can you share your current FMLE configuration?

      • jwz says:

        Oh, fantastic. Any idea how to get it to send a "null" audio stream?

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
                <name>YouTube (360p Silent)</name>
                <device>Blackmagic HD 720p 60 - 8 Bit</device>
                    <keyframe_frequency>2 Seconds</keyframe_frequency>
                <value>DNA Lounge</value>
                <value>DNA Lounge</value>
                <value>375 Eleventh Street, San Francisco</value>
                <value>DNA Lounge Live Webcast</value>

        I also can't figure out how to set the FMLE output frame rate. The input frame rate has to be 60fps to match the device or nothing works at all, but I'd like to save bandwidth by telling it to re-encode it as like 12fps or 15fps on output. It seems to always go full-out.

        Also the log is showing me two copies of the "Video 1" stream, with the second one having a huge number of drops. WTF?

    • Manuel says:

      Adobe(R) Flash(R) Media Live Encoder

  2. Kevin says:

    Having done Zero Reseach (I know, so helpful), could you somehow use Twitch?

    And I know you've said you don't want to host your own, but what about putting it in the "cloud". Host a server somewhere (Amazon, Microsoft, Etc) and just run the stupidest and simplest software to get the job done?

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