The Oklahoma Statehouse Baphomet Statue is coming along nicely

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Julian Assange spearheads funding drive for life-size statue of himself

Not The Onion:

The WikiLeaks founder has used the whistleblowing website's official Twitter account to publicise a funding drive for the creation of a life-size bronze public artwork featuring himself, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, described as a "a monument to courage". [...]

He added that most of the £100,000 for the project would go towards transporting the artwork around the world and that nobody was being paid for taking part. The rest of the money will go towards the statue's creation at a foundry in Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

As a tone-deaf monument to ego and self-promotion, shouldn't Amanda Palmer be involved somehow?

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Her definition of "goddess" as "all women" devalues the word. All you have to do is show up?

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