announce-only mailing list

I'm still using SmartList from Procmail. Pity me.

I'm beginning to suspect that its bounce detection is no longer working reliably (the bit that goes "unsubscribe someone after mail to them has bounced N times"), but it's such an obfuscated line-noise piece of shit that... I don't even.

It's written in a combination of Procmail and sh, you see. Yeah. That's a thing. Or was, in the early 90s, when this thing was last actively maintained.

But my experience is that Mailman is even worse.

Do I still really have no choice other than "hire a spammer"?

This is for the DNA Lounge weekly mailing. That's the only mailing list I have left. But it is still a thing that must exist.

Features I want:

  • Handles mail with "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" in the subject or body.
  • Sends a confirmation message to validate the address before adding it.
  • Auto-unsubscribes after bounces.
  • Does not require me to expose a new web page to end users.

That's it. If it has other features, those features can actually be considered "liabilities" rather than "features".

Am I screwed?

Update: I was right, SmartList's "procbounce" program only processes the first address listed in a bounce message that has multiple DSNs in it -- and it also inexplicably truncates the message at a few hundred lines, meaning if there are more than a few dozen DSNs, it won't process any of them. Hooray.

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