DNA Lounge: Wherein this is what I guess you'd call a pissing rain.

Last night we threw out a girl for pissing on the floor. That almost never happens. But there she was, pants down, squatting on the floor in the green room and letting it fly.

    "Why are you throwing me out?"
    "You pissed on my floor!"
    "No I didn't!"
    "But... I had to go."

Then she stood outside and argued about it for an hour. She wanted us to know that "I'm just here for like, the music?" and "My friends are inside", and "I didn't disrespect you." She kept in on that last one for a while.

Usually what happens when we throw a guy out for bladder control issues is that one of his friends puffs up and comes over and says, "Bro, why'd you throw my friend out, bro?" and we say, "Your friend pissed on the floor", and they say, "He... he... um... Ok, you have a good night," and that's the end of it. Not this young lady.

There was also some 22-year-old jock jackass who got thrown out for who-knows-what who wanted to spend a long time telling us how important he was in "the scene" and how we "didn't know who we were messing with" and how he'd "been doing this for a long time." Sam said, "I guarantee you I've been doing this longer." It took the guy a minute to process that, and he retorted, "Yeah cause I'm not like fifty!" Oh snap. You been told.

Last night was our last (this time for sure) Go Derp. I can't say I'm gonna miss it. It was nice having a mid-week dance party, but with the turnout they were getting it was only barely worth opening the doors, and there was so much jock bro bullshit. They're "upgrading" from our 800-capacity 18+ room to Monarch's 100-capacity 21+ room. Monarch is owned by the guy who got us sued over his gross Chocolate Syrup Wrestling event and left us holding the bag, so, you know, I hope they're very happy together.

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