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  1. Morrisa Sherman says:

    I try to be weird, but I am a rank amateur.

  2. Rebecca Coseboom says:

    It's art?

  3. Panda Ng says:

    I stopped after the saliva drip.

  4. Jamie Zawinski says:

    I've heard that about you.

  5. Mark Welch says:

    I have images in my mind of 18th-century France, with a servant holding a drooling pillow underneath, just out of view.

  6. Don Hopkins says:

    Next up: Drapery of the Uvula.

  7. Don Hopkins says:

    Next up: Drapery of the Uvula.

  8. Laura Rubin says:

    Watching her shoulders tense as she repressed her gag reflex while the shitty polyester lace tickled the back of her throat just about did me in. Also the realization that there are a bunch of drooling fetishists who I know who would totally fap to this.

  9. Irina Sarnetskaya says:


  10. Ali Pressgrove says:

    So pretty and somehow mildly unsettling. Strange psychy making things weird.

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