Go home, iTunes, you're drunk.

This has happened all three times that I've tried to upgrade my phone to one of the iOS 8 releases:

I assure you that there is no way that my phone has magically acquired an extra 47 GB to be over capacity by. It seems that every time I try to upgrade it, it decides to duplicate all of my audio.

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  1. John Adams says:

    I had to remove all of my music, sync, and then upgrade, then sync again with music turned on. Fucking stupid.

    • Ewen says:

      This. Not specifically with iOS 8, but IIRC the last iPhone major-version upgrade I did ended up with that weird double counting ("there's lots of data I don't recognise, oh and oddly the exact same amount of music too"). IIRC I ended up turning off all audio being synced, sync (to remove it, after which the device was suspiciously empty), then turning on the audio again, and sync again to copy it back -- all after the upgrade -- to get sane utilisation reporting (and the ability to sync!) back again.

      It seems... unlikely that no one encountered that bug during pre-release testing. Maybe they always test with sizeof(music) significantly smaller than (sizeof(device)/2).


  2. jwz says:

    FWIW, this worked this time:

    • Tried to sync, failed;
    • Rebooted phone;
    • Sync worked;
    • Went into "General / Manage Storage" and deleted the 8.1.1 update on the phone;
    • Tried to sync, iTunes thought it was syncing but the phone disagreed;
    • Restarted iTunes;
    • Sync worked;
    • Update worked.

  3. Patrick says:

    Yeah, I got a survey from Apple on how my iPhone 6 upgrade went and I just railed into them with how goddamn lousy iTunes syncing is. I went with the 128 gig model so I could at least conceivably fit all of my music on without having to pick and choose what made the cut. And I still had to downsample to 128k AAC to make it. Fine, OK, I expect 152 gigs of music will take a bit of time to transcode. But the transcoding finished after 3-4 hours (judging by CPU activity) and it still took another fifteen hours to transfer 76 gigs of music to my phone. If iTunes Match wasn't such a goddamn clusterfuck on iOS, I'd be willing to preload the core library and use iTunes Match to get Too Drunk To Fuck on demand, but ugh, it's not even worth going down that route.

    And that wouldn't be too bad if WiFi syncing was reliable - start up the sync when I wake up and sync wirelessly all day while still using my phone, but every time I tried that it would time out pondering the changes.

  4. Ben Poole says:

    It's iTunes 12.x. There's a real issue with it and I had variations on the problem you describe with a 128gb iPhone (either with or without upgrades). I had to do two full phone resets to sort it.

  5. Kyle Huff says:

    Apple is terrible at software. That is the sad truth of it. It's like they aren't even trying.

    • jwz says:

      Yes, it's absolutely the worst thing in the world, after Android, Linux and Windows.

      • Kyle Huff says:

        The MS stuff is bad in different ways than the Apple stuff. At least the OSX iTunes works better than the Windows iTunes. That thing is a horror show. Don't even get me started about Android.