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Remove your personal info from data brokers

More bad news: There are hundreds of data brokers, not all of which offer opt-out processes. Removing yourself from all those that do can be a Sisyphean task, but managing your data with just the following 11 can be accomplished in an hour or two. [...]

Opt out of the following services, and you'll have "gotten all of the big ones," says Stephens -- but pay attention to the caveat at the end of this story.

This is a gigantic pain in the ass, but probably worth the time.


Update: Here's another list.

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11 Responses:

  1. Geoff Smith says:

    Added to my To-Do list.

  2. Just B says:

    Thank you

    Strangely absent: -- just as heinous as Whitepages

    This goes beyond a privacy issue -- it's a safety one, as well: "Oh, a single senior citizen lives here, the property is worth this, there's this many bedrooms. Here's what the back yard and windows look like."

  3. Just B says:

    to remove house interior pictures / correct information from zillow, one must "claim their home" then modify information. #infuriating

    • jwz says:

      Ugh. How do I get it to not be listed at all?

      • Just B says:

        i don't know if it's possible without legal action.

        a bizarre thing i noticed while visiting friends in Northern Virginia was the "muted" areas that were in residential neighborhoods. obviously, a process exists that "important" people can use to redact their "public" information including the satellite imagery. but the rest of us.....??? maybe it's one of the perks of having top secret clearance or having a bored relative at a 3-letter ORG.

  4. Just B says:

    While trying to find info on TRULIA.COM just now, which is similar to Zillow, I stumbled on this article from an attorney who works/worked for Abine, a company that offers a privacy monitoring and protection service. There's a list of what s/he felt are the "worst" sites similar to the one above.

  5. Just B says:

    AND just found this:

    a la carte "we'll get back to you with a quote" service. Abine DeleteMe was like that at launch before switching to a subscription model.

    OK - back to watching ustreams of Ferguson protests in my town (DTLA). Good night.