I empathize with "texts from René Descartes" entirely too much.

Texts from Jane Eyre is hilarious:

maybe you just think it's a habit of yours
maybe the evil demon is deceiving you too
what is a dream but a series of lies designed to keep us immobilized in a dark room for hours at a time
that's a good point
i'm going to go back to sleep and i'll think about that while i'm dreaming
that sounds like something and evil demon would say
guess I'll just have to take that chance
are you really going back to sleep
are you sleeping
don't go to sleep
i want to talk about math

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Well, Gotham has now gone full Muppet-Babies. I guess we're done here.

I was enjoying it when it was "Keyser Söze: Year One" starring Oswald Cobblepot, but now it's turning into what I expected it to be: a generic cop show where we learn that everyone you've ever heard of in a Batman comic had zany middle-school adventures together.


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Wow, what a stinking log of Spielberg-flavored shit. I cringed less at the science in 7 seasons of Stargate SG-1 than I did in this saccharine turd. And that had less emo-exposition, too. And no precocious children.

This was like -- Prometheus bad.

it was like an episode from the even-worse-than-you-expected 2018 season of Dr. Who.

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