Drs. Banzai and Lazardo discuss their film


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The Oral History Of The Poop Emoji (Or, How Google Brought Poop To America)

"Dr. Slump".

I thought it was a joke that they were pushing for the poop to be in the first cut, but I quickly learned that it was not a joke at all. It's basically like having all of the letters in the English alphabet, but getting rid of random ones. Like, "Let's take out 'B' because 'B' kind of offends me." We said, "We can't launch emoji without the poop." Not only is it extremely popular in Japan -- like extremely popular -- you can't just arbitrarily take letters out of the alphabet. [...]

I would reject the notion that it has one meaning [...] but I guess the most common use is probably "that's unfortunate, and I would like to punctuate my comment with a reiteration that I am displeased at what has just been expressed." It's the anti-like.

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Go home, iTunes, you're drunk.

This has happened all three times that I've tried to upgrade my phone to one of the iOS 8 releases:

I assure you that there is no way that my phone has magically acquired an extra 47 GB to be over capacity by. It seems that every time I try to upgrade it, it decides to duplicate all of my audio.

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