Gazelle Twin

She was amazing and none of you came. I am disappoint.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein the Halloween photos are in.

And with that, you can start making your New Year's Eve plans.

Go Deep Halloween
All Hallow's Eve
Bootie Day of the Dead
I want to draw special attention to the fact that our entire bar staff dressed as smurfs!

Also, some live shows:

Bad Rabbits

What It's Like As a Bartender to Watch Your Awkward Tinder Date

Restaurant Confessionals:

He goes to the bathroom, and I think she may have picked up and looked at his cell phone or something. They were clearly not a couple, mind you. But I saw it and I was thinking, That's fucking dark, young lady. God, don't do that. He comes back and she's losing it, "You messaged her??? You've been messaging her?" And he's saying, "What are you talking about?" And it's that voice I do when I'm totally fucking caught in a lie. He's like, "What? Who? Oh, that message? I can't just message her? It's nothing!" And I was like, Oh God dude, you're digging your hole so deep right now.

At this point, I walked over to their side of the bar and pretended to do something because I wanted to keep listening. They're sort of screaming, and he's like, "I just wanted to know if she still cared!" Yelling at the bar at the top of his lungs. Meanwhile, my bar serves pizza, so he's got pizza all over his shirt, he's almost crying, it's so fucking dark. It was loud, too. My door dude was like, "I just can't do this right now. I can't handle this right now." He was about to walk out himself. It was pretty fucking awkward.

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Twitter wants to build an actual tech bubble.

Hermetically sealed away from the Morlocks:

So Twitter now wants a sky bridge connecting two office buildings, just to make sure that the workers never have to set foot out of the building or see anyone else. It's importing the idea of the suburban "campus," where everything is self-contained and nobody leaves (for lunch or anything else) to an urban setting.

Didn't we give Twitter a tax break in part so that all of those workers in mid-Market would help revitalize the place? Instead, a study by the city's economist, Ted Egan, shows that taxable sales (retail, restaurant etc.) in the tax-break area grew more slowly than other parts of the city -- suggesting that the tax break may have been great for Twitter but no so much for local small businesses.

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Grim Meathook Mining Disaster

This is allegedly what a fire in a bitcoin mine looks like:

I haven't seen any actual news sites reporting on it, just techwankery blogs all citing the same source. When Stross said he wanted bitcoin to die in a fire, I assume this is what he meant. (He's always complaining about his fiction coming true too soon, you know.)

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