Uninstalling MacOS 10.10 already.

Last night I upgraded since, given how the Notes app constantly shits the bed, I was interested in the new iOS "handoff" stuff.

Well. Every time I log in, about a minute later, every app goes hypnowheel, and even the shell can't fork. It stays that way for at least 30 minutes. It made me nostalgic for Solaris 2, as I was power cycling it for the fourth time.

Also, whenever the screen would auto-lock, I couldn't type my password: mouse and keyboard events were going to the screen saver itself instead of an unlock dialog, and I had to ssh in to kill ScreenSaverEngine.

Yup, we're done here.

It's pretty fucking ugly, too.

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30 Responses:

  1. Grrrrreeeaaat.

    I'll just see how this plays out before I pull the trigger on a shiny, new iMac.

  2. John Adams says:

    I don't think I should upgrade for at least six months due to the piles of os-specific audio software I use

    • plord says:

      I started checking apps and plugins during the announcement; quit when I was 0 for 4. Staying right where I am for now as well.

  3. John: Given Apple's historic antipathy toward audio components, you might just want to spend the intervening six months banging your head into a concrete wall.

  4. John Adams says:

    Not if I don't upgrade.

  5. Sooner or later, your hardware will die. That's how they always get us.

  6. John Adams says:

    Well, yeah, there's that. I just got a shiny new macpro, so we'll see how long that will last me.

  7. Gabe Kangas says:

    That forking issue does suck.

  8. Just buy a new drive to experiment on. It saves the headache

  9. The "new" "unified" Apple seems to be having a little trouble getting QA's jaws around the excretions of their OS engineering departments. Not exactly an unprecedented thing in this industry or even for Apple; I think we got kinda spoiled by a few years of relative quiet. Time to go back to waiting for at least the .1 if not the .2 release.

  10. Methinks this'll be Apple Vista.

    • Tim says:

      Nah. Vista was a 6 year clusterfuck with a total reset 3 years in because the original project was so screwed -- and even with 3 years to work on it after putting in realistic requirements they still delivered hot garbage.

      Yosemite's issue is that Apple's new 1 year schedule combined with the number of features they're putting in seems to be too much. I've been running the Yosemite betas for a couple months (because I hate myself or something), and it works fine for the most part, but it feels like it should've had a few more months in beta. I suspect it'll be fine for everyone after two or three point releases; it's already good enough for me that I have no plans to revert to 10.9.

      jwz, if you're reading this and you have the slightest desire to try again before it's unfucked (don't do this), try a clean install. I had crashing problems during the beta program with a 10.10 beta install which was an upgrade from the then-current 10.9.x release, and they went away after reinstalling.

  11. Works great on the work-supplied brand-new retina macbook pro. All my older hardware died - I suspect it would not have faired nearly so well on them.

  12. Peter Norvig says:

    Works for me.

  13. Will says:

    Just when I was considering going back to Mac OS for a new laptop.

    Sigh. Time to continue the search for a Linux desktop window manager that doesn't suck.

    • Michael says:

      Perhaps give i3 a try? I've been hooked since seeing the screencasts by the author:


      FWIW I'm running it on Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome Edition with minimal Gnome bits loaded (just loading gnome-settings-daemon from my ~/.i3/config so it brings in GTK themes etc without fussing).

  14. I installed it on a 2009 Macbook Pro and I got the same hypnowheel that you did on nearly every application, and this lasted for around 5-6 hours. After that, everything worked fine, and it also seems faster than Mavericks did. I think it does some sort of optimization thing that lasts for a while and then it figures out how to best run on your hardware. Also installed it on a 2014 Retina Macbook Pro, and it works perfectly from startup. YMMV, of course.

    • db48x says:

      That's the lamest attempt to rationalize blind faith in Apple that I've ever seen.

    • Mike Pirnat says:

      Probably the Spotlight index being built, which is typical of the first hours after an OS install.

      • tfb says:

        Perhaps it was: you'd think that they could have arranged life so that either the index rebuilding happened at a low enough priority such that it didn't trash the machine, or that it happened as an uninterruptable part of the install. Aren't Apple meant to be all about usability?

      • d.w. says:

        Exactly. I've seen this with every update since 10.7 or so. What I do now is upgrade and login for the first time at bedtime, and let the Spotlight grind happen overnight while I sleep.

        • jwz says:

          This was not "machine is slow". This was "machine is totally, totally hung." Also, this was after it had sat idle overnight.

  15. mid-2010 Macbook pro here. Worked well, seems faster than Mavericks although that may be because a couple utilities I ran on startup are now no longer compatible and aren't running (iStat and something else I'm sure I don't need).

    Just pointing out your experience may not be typical. Not sure how that information helps you.

  16. margaret says:

    way to tell that OS to get off your lawn

  17. Owen W. says:

    Now that Yosemite is out, does that mean there's no way to upgrade a 10.8 machine to Mavericks?

    • Tim says:

      In 10.10, I can still download Mavericks and Mountain Lion from the Purchases tab of the App Store.

      You might need to have previously downloaded a now-obsolete version in order for your App Store purchases tab to still show it. Not sure about that one.

  18. demcanulty says:

    I stupidly early adopted as well (feeling pressured from the app store insistence, and curious about the javascript applescripting) but fortunately not too much broke. They did mess up my mighty mouse scroll ball though (why??). I think it's possible that they might be retooling their mouse algorithms to be more cross-compatible, I hope so. But in the meantime they've broken my only decent mouse :/

  19. Ducksauz says:

    From the chatter on the Mac early adopters list at work, there seems to be a strong correlation between beachballing/login screen hangs and the use of 3rd party SSDs with Trim enabled.