Please vote NO on L

Allowing it to pass is basically voting that I personally die horribly under a car.

I'd really rather not.


This measure is a shortsighted primal scream by motorists in a transit-first city that is rapidly growing and trying to address pedestrian and bike safety issues and chronic underfunding of Muni.

SF Bicycle Coalition:

Proposition L supporters are so blatant about their goals that when the San Francisco Bay Guardian asked Prop L proponent David Looman what he wanted to see in transportation policy, he aimed squarely at biking, saying, "Let's go back 10 years, before the proliferation of bike lanes."

A long SFBC article on A, B and L: "The future of our streets: what's at stake in this election?"

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5 Responses:

  1. Spider Jerusalem! Awesome character.

  2. L is pretty much the stupidest thing I've ever seen on a ballot. The only point in its favor is that it's just a policy statement and would have no force of law - which of course is another stupidity.

  3. LafinJack says:

    The introduction of parking meters or variable meter pricing into neighborhoods where they currently do not exist should be allowed only upon petition by the majority of the affected households and merchants.

    Oh really I wonder what people will have said when they get the petitions back.

    Any proposed re-engineering of traffic flows in the City should aim to achieve safer, smoother-flowing streets.

    Uh huh I'm sure they're not doing that already. Ohhh, you mean smoother just for cars.

    Traffic laws should be enforced equally for everyone using San Francisco’s streets and sidewalks.

    I would actually like to see this happen and have cops handing out tickets like candy for tailgating, improper signaling, blocking intersections and crosswalks, California stops... Oh wait they mean those rude bikers, right? Well nevermind.

    • Yeah, if we had actual enforcement of traffic laws, all cagers would accumulate enough points for a license suspension in about a week. So yay, bring it on.

      And I'd be happy to see the scofflaw cyclists get fined into pauperism too. I'd be the only one left on the streets!

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