Shouting into the void, this time Bandcamp.

A message I just typed into the feedback form on Bandcamp that I'm sure won't be read:

Subject: You make this too hard.

Guys, you really need to solve your payment problem. You're making it far too hard for me to give you money. I was about to buy a bunch of albums, but it's such a pain in the ass that I just gave up instead.

1) You won't remember my credit card info.

2) You make me use Paypal. I don't have a Paypal account because I think they are a terrible company, and using Paypal to check out with a card but no account is a huge hassle. (I'm sure they intentionally make it harder than it needs to be, because they suck.)

3) If I put 6 albums in my cart and check out, you make me enter my credit card info SIX TIMES. This is insane. You realize this is insane, don't you?

You have used Amazon, right? Click once, receive candy. You need to be like that.

Also, WTF, you won't let me submit this form without picking some random album page. Thanks for making it even harder for me to contact you. I'm LOGGED IN. Why are you Captcha-ing me?? You are apparently saying here "We do not want your feedback." Christ, how much more customer-hostile could you make this process?


Fucking contact forms. What the hell is wrong with email?

Fortunately, Amazon has un-broken MP3 downloading (the link to use "Amazon MP3 Downloader" has returned, so you don't have to deal with the despicable "Amazon Cloud Player"), so I'm back using them again. Alas, some of these bands weren't on Amazon.


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Charli XCX

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Weirdest faux-Jamaican accent I've ever heard, and the second most self-indulgent beard to ever stand behind Serrato. Also, the lighting designer's choice to stick with solid red for the whole show: very daring.

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And the most self-indulgent beard to ever stand behind Serrato.

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We live in a magical future where "strings" is exploitable.

What is this I can't even.

Many shell users, and certainly most of the people working in computer forensics or other fields of information security, have a habit of running /usr/bin/strings on binary files originating from the Internet. Their understanding is that the tool simply scans the file for runs of printable characters and dumps them to stdout - something that is very unlikely to put you at any risk.

It is much less known that the Linux version of strings is an integral part of GNU binutils, a suite of tools that specializes in the manipulation of several dozen executable formats using a bundled library called libbfd. Other well-known utilities in that suite include objdump and readelf. [...]

In any case: the bottom line is that if you are used to running strings on random files, or depend on any libbfd-based tools for forensic purposes, you should probably change your habits.

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This book made me the person I am today.

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Facebook: lying liars. Water: wet.

Hey, remember when Facebook's hateful "real names" policy got a lot of press because they went nuclear on a bunch of queens? And then they put out a contentless, fawning press release with a fauxpology in it?

And remember when they then they got a ton of shamefully credulous press from people saying, "Well, that's all better then"?

And remember when people like me said, "You know, maybe you should save your applause for after they've changed either their official policy or their demonstrated behavior, or both, because they haven't", and nobody listened?

Well guess what, they just banned another friend of mine yesterday for using his DJ handle instead of his real name.

Fuck Facebook, and fuck every so-called "journalist" who reposts corporate press releases with zero skepticism.

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Cystic Polymammary, a relative of Polydactylis Gigantiform.

Album: Disease Busts.

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Maps Of Street Layouts Colored By Orientation

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A Tale of Momentum & Inertia



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