Round like a ball and yellow as a lemon, it's not Mickey Rourke's cirrhosis, but Pac-Man!

Locked in a lunatic asylum for many years, Pac-Man swallows many pills that give himb the nurses to test the effects of chemical substances on his body. Addicted to psychotropic he is fed since childhood, Pac-Man has now lost all reason. The spirit of Pac-Man is now locked in a madness whose hallucinations make him see ghosts all the colors in a labyrinthine nightmare world as it crashes every night screaming against the padded wall of his cell.

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2 Responses:

  1. bode says:

    I love how Mickey Rourke replaces Johnny Hallyday - I'm not sure he's the equivalent of "the French Elvis," but I suspect it's a compliment at some level.

  2. The_Jackass says:

    This shit is fucking hilarious! I bow to thee in utter respect of thine ability to find out such artistic humoure.

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