Facebook: lying liars. Water: wet.

Hey, remember when Facebook's hateful "real names" policy got a lot of press because they went nuclear on a bunch of queens? And then they put out a contentless, fawning press release with a fauxpology in it?

And remember when they then they got a ton of shamefully credulous press from people saying, "Well, that's all better then"?

And remember when people like me said, "You know, maybe you should save your applause for after they've changed either their official policy or their demonstrated behavior, or both, because they haven't", and nobody listened?

Well guess what, they just banned another friend of mine yesterday for using his DJ handle instead of his real name.

Fuck Facebook, and fuck every so-called "journalist" who reposts corporate press releases with zero skepticism.

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12 Responses:

  1. Grace Bones says:

    words do not equal results. i knew they were full of shit, and the *same day* they issued their notpology friends of mine had their profiles closed. you have to email them personally and explain yourself to get your chosen name and profile back.

    • joe luser says:

      Not exactly. You have to email them personally and ALSO provide two pieces of evidence that you use the name in your daily life and if one of those pieces of evidence is not your drivers license or passport you also have to send them a copy of your drivers license or passport which they promise not to link to your account. They are seriously fucked. Though not as fucked as every journalist who bent over for an assraping on the drag queen "resolution. Here is the latest version of their requirements. Note that they are now using the term "authentic name". Because in California, where they are based, your "legal name" is officially any name you choose to use for any non-fraudulent reason. Period.


    • nooj says:

      First, "sorry" is not a start, not any more. Second, they didn't even say "sorry."

  2. Nathan Roberts says:

    The really stupid and offensive part about all this is: Who the hell is Facebook to tell me what my 'name' is?

    On the internet, your handle is your name.

  3. ken t. says:

    bellyfeel is plusgood. your blackwhite is crimethink. IRONYGuard is crimestop.

  4. Mark says:

    dude you are getting dangerously close to the cesspool that is #gamergate, turn away now! abort! abort!

  5. AdamM says:

    You invest effort in a walled garden owned by somebody else, then act surprised when stuff like this happens?

    The media isn't the problem.

    • nooj says:

      He didn't act surprised, he acted pissed. What, just because Facebook constantly demonstrates a typical behavior pattern, we have to accept it?

    • jwz says:

      You spergelords love to characterize "outrage" as "surprise". You also love to say "I expected this, therefore it's not interesting." Go fuck yourself.

  6. gryazi says:

    Well yeah, it's only legal when...

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