Exterminate all rational QuickType

It just occurred to me that the new predictive text thingy in iOS is running a Markov chain on what I've typed before.

Those mad bastards went and built DadaDodo into my keyboard!

The future is a weird place.

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6 Responses:

  1. Tom Lord says:

    Predictive or normative? Commodification requires standardization at least to a point that enables comparison and indifferent substitution. Potentiating the lazy selection of hackneyed and quantified totems of the social self accelerates, streamlines, and regularizes the reductive reproduction of the self qua sefl.

    My printer queue told me to say that.

  2. Phil says:

    Exterminate all rational autocorrections.

    I will be most impressed when it starts proposing complete replies in a given message stream. There are some discussions I would like to subcontract to a word dissociator.

    • BHN says:

      Can we just exterminate all of the autocorrections (Aliens "nuke the entire site from orbit" style) and be done with it?

  3. gryazi says:

    Observed at http://xkcd.com/1427/ if that wasn't the inspiration already.

  4. I just want to see the new same thing over and over a month or two more days till the end of this year is a great way to the gym point game of thrones and the a team to of that I can have a great good lot of the best thing about it.

    Random mashing of the 3 suggestion buttons.

    I'm pretty sure I've never typed "game of thrones" before this.

  5. Julian Calaby says:

    The predictive keyboard I use on Android obtains some "current" list of words from the developer so it can predict stuff that's happening now that I don't care about.

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