Fujiya & Miyagi

Great show! Closest reference: jammier side of Shriekback. Ok, less obscure: funkier Fluke, or slower, more analog Underworld.

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Please vote NO on L

Allowing it to pass is basically voting that I personally die horribly under a car.

I'd really rather not.


This measure is a shortsighted primal scream by motorists in a transit-first city that is rapidly growing and trying to address pedestrian and bike safety issues and chronic underfunding of Muni.

SF Bicycle Coalition:

Proposition L supporters are so blatant about their goals that when the San Francisco Bay Guardian asked Prop L proponent David Looman what he wanted to see in transportation policy, he aimed squarely at biking, saying, "Let's go back 10 years, before the proliferation of bike lanes."

A long SFBC article on A, B and L: "The future of our streets: what's at stake in this election?"

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