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Is this USB thing as bad as it sounds?

Because it sounds pretty bad.

The Unpatchable Malware That Infects USBs Is Now on the Loose

Because it affects the firmware of the USB's microcontroller, that attack program would be stored in the rewritable code that controls the USB's basic functions, not in its flash memory -- even deleting the entire contents of its storage wouldn't catch the malware. [...]

The kind of compromise they're demonstrating is nearly impossible to counter without banning the sharing of USB devices or filling your port with superglue. "These problems can't be patched," says Nohl. "We're exploiting the very way that USB is designed."

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Dirtbag Aslan

Mallory Ortberg:

"Why, sir?" said Lucy. "I think -- I don't know but I think I could be brave enough."

"Because you're like fucking six years old," Aslan said.

"I -- " Lucy began.

"Fine, though," Aslan said, visibly irritated. "Take your shitty dagger and join the battle, where everyone else has magic and spears, let me know how far you get before someone stabs you right in the lungs."

Lucy didn't move.

"I'm not kidding around," he said. "Go stand in the front line."

Lucy moved, trembling, to join the other soldiers.

"Does anyone else have shit to say about my presents I got them," Aslan asked.

No one did.

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Apple-opaque sticker printing: the nightmare continues.

I need a new sticker vendor.

So, remember that time when I spent literally years trying to find someone to manufacture the sticker pictured at right? And then, finally, we found someone, and there was much rejoicing?

Yeah, good times.

Well, guess what. We have A) sold out of all of those stickers, and B) now that vendor won't make them any more.

So I am in search of a new vendor who can do die-cut foil stickers. Two colors, green and black, as pictured. The white part is a cut-out.

In my experience, this is the only thing that will work. Printing on paper or vinyl is insufficiently opaque to block out the light of the Apple logo. It has to be foil.

"Surely there are plenty of people out there who can die-cut foil!" you may be saying. "I've seen that before!" you may add.

Well. Here is the list of vendors we've contacted in the last six months. They've all said no. Can you add any suggestions to this list?

  • Mac Decals
  • Stickers Printing
  • Jak Prints
  • Printer Bees
  • Sticker Giant
  • Brass Name Company
  • U Printing
  • Printer Runner
  • Sticker Robot
  • Moo stickerbooks
  • Sticker Guy
  • Lightening Labels
  • StandOut Stickers
  • StickerApp
  • Stahls
  • All Sticker Printing
  • Print moz
  • Websticker
  • Stickercutting
  • Stickershop
  • Century Label
  • Zazzle
  • Labels Stickers and More
  • Print My Thing
  • Sticky Business
  • Consolidated Label

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