Downfracking the Mandelbrot

William Wood:

Downfracking had opened universe after universe of ever-more-pure resources. The farther downfractal you traveled, the simpler the universe and the more you tended to slide backwards along the time axis. Each fractal was a perfect copy, from a distance, but simpler, and because they were simpler, those resources had fewer contaminants. Water had less impurities. Diamonds, less inclusions. Hell even the shit smelled like roses--well, not really, but that was the joke they all laughed at even though it wasn't funny anymore.

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4 Responses:

  1. joe luser says:

    seems to stop in mid story?

  2. Manuel says:

    that's nice fiction !

  3. The man from the alley was following them but keeping a discrete distance, hugging the walls of the buildings along the road.

    Wait, could space now be quantised? With hard(er) SF it can be slightly more difficult to detect the homophonic spelling errors...

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