There are so many varieties to choose from!

Bread & Juice Communion Set

Each communion cup features traditional unleavened communion bread and 100% Grape Juice together in one cup to allow for a 1-Pass method during the service.

Unique, Ergonomic Cup Design:

  • Easier to hold, position, and open for all from young to old
  • Flat side of cup allows for better grip and control of cup during seal removal
  • Large bread compartment allows for easy removal
  • One year shelf-life, no refrigeration needed

Prefilled Communion Cups

Our premier product is the Complete Communion Cup . . . the first truly Protestant prefilled Communion Cup containing Christian Bread in a standard sized Christian Communion Cup that fits into a Christian Communion Tray. Complete Communion does not make you worship with small Catholic wafers made to fit into prefilled Cups nor with an inconvenient cup that uses a side bread area. Complete Communion comes with delicious clear or purple Concord Grape Juice and is less expensive than other prefilled solutions that have been available until now! Absolutely the LOWEST EVERY DAY Prices for prefilled Communion Cups! COMPARE prices before you buy anywhere else!!

Prefilled Communion Cups Free Sample

We are so sure that you and your congregation will love prepackaged Communion cups with wafers from Celebrate Communion that we will send you a free sample so you can try them for yourself. Limit 1 per ministry please.

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14 Responses:

  1. Geoff Smith says:

    I wish the cooking competition show Chopped would include grape juice and communion wafers in one of their mystery baskets. But people be grumpy.

  2. says:

    I'm crossing myself, and I'm not even Catholic

  3. John Adams says:

    They actually did communion wafers on iron chef a long time ago.

  4. mspong says:

    This takes me back to my youth and the Presbyterian church my family went to. Presbys are a Scottish denomination with a very Scottish style. The church should be undecorated, only one big plain crucifix, very unadorned and minimalist, because all that Catholic froofa is effete bullshit! Sermons were all blood and thunder, sin and punishment, quite scary for a young lad. Anyway, for communion they pass around a wooden tray with little egg cups of grape juice, and a plate of little squares of sliced white bread. They always extolled the virtues of this as being more hygenic than the communal chalice, and claimed it was more in line with the origins of the communion, which seems like a stretch to me. The grape juice was used to not trigger a relapse in the alcoholic bretheren, and was further justified by looking at the original text of the bible and claiming that the words for wine meant grape juice which may or may not have fermented. It was an interesting contrast to the Catholic mass, with the priest exercising his power to dole out salvation as a symbolic gatekeeper.

    • Editer says:

      I briefly went to a Southern Baptist church that said the stories of biblical figures drinking wine involved nothing but grape juice, because fermentation hadn't been discovered in those days.

  5. Amber Steele says:

    You don't even get wine at church anymore?

  6. Otto says:

    "Rolling down the street, smoking endo, sipping on bread and juice... laid back, with my mind on my saviour, and my saviour on my mind.."

  7. Jesper says:

    The only thing that surprises me about this is that the wafers are not sourcream and onion wafers.

  8. mark says:

    The title made coffee come out of my nose.

  9. k3ninho says:

    Well, are they transubstantiated or not? And what does that do for the FDA expiration marking?

    • They are not transubstantiated. First of all, you don't generally transubstantiate stuff and then sell it over the Internet -- protocol dictates either immediate consumption, or storage in a tabernacle until later consumption. Transubstantiation must therefore be performed by an authorized transubstantiator at the delivery point.

      More importantly, though, these are Protestants we're dealing with. Most of them refuse to transub any stance whatsoever.

  10. spoonyfork says:

    JRE - Jesus Ready to Eat

  11. John says:

    Single serving salvation!

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