As Above So Below

The new Tomb Raider movie, As Above So Below, is actually pretty good! I was skeptical, since I find "shaky-cam" to be a pretty worn out technique at this point, but the cam is not super-shaky, and there are multiple cams so it doesn't go all FPS.

As is traditional in every action or horror movie with a female protagonist, they felt the need to front-load it with lots of Daddy Issues, which was irritating -- what if every Dwayne Johnson or Bruce Willis movie started with a flashback scene of Mommy didn't really love me!, as if to say "muscle-bound action man can't have any personal agency unless he's still sucking his thumb over his childhood" -- that would get pretty tired pretty fast, right? Just fucking stop it. Please.

Anyway, despite that rocky start, it had some solid scares, some absolutely terrifying claustrophobia rivaling The Descent, and the ending was weird and didn't wrap everything up into a neat little bow. I liked it.

Actually, it reminded me more of the book The Descent, by Jeff Long, than of the movie of the same name (which have nothing to do with each other.)

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