Streamup: Less than ideal.

Today it makes Safari hypnowheel the window forever; Firefox hypnowheels for 2 minutes then Flash crashes:

This is awesome.


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  1. jwz says:

    Also, note the "G+ = 63, FB = 3.5k". I should just rip out all those G+ widgets, but their epic failure makes me a little happy every time I see them proudly advertise it like that.

  2. Dawn Nova says:

    If you're looking for livestreaming that works, adjusts dynamically when bandwidth sucks, try twitcasting -

    • Ben says:

      Did they really have no English speakers anywhere in the process that lead to choosing that name?

      • Dawn Nova says:

        No, afraid not - totally Japanese homegrown and originally deeply integrated with Twitter, hence the name.

  3. Lloyd says:

    The hypnowheel is the NeXT sign of quality, showing that the Mac is now built on a robust foundation.

    • Nick Lamb says:

      If they'd chosen BeOS as the foundation instead of NeXT the system would just silently hang. Be decided that busy indicators like an hourglass or hypno-wheel were an admission of failure and so they just didn't implement them. This was thought to encourage developers not to write BeOS applications that leave the user waiting around - and it clearly worked, most developers did not write such applications or indeed any BeOS applications at all.

    • Tim says:

      Ironically the hypnowheel is often (not always) a sign that the foundation is alive and well: it's the WindowServer's way of letting you know that an app is not responding to UI events.

  4. Lloyd says:

    And little in the way of things like printer drivers.

    not so much Be, as barely Was.