Sphere gears


• Red gears: 20 teeth, 12 count
• Blue gears: 24 teeth, 20 count
• Yellow gears: 13 teeth, 60 count.

Red gears aligned with icosahedron vertices. Blue gears aligned with dodecahedron vertices. The central rotation axes are aligned with the vertices of a frequency 3v, class-I geodesic tessellation of an icosahedron.

Generalized to higher dimensions: Ball bearings in a hypersphere. That is some mad science.

These guys are selling a 3D-printed version. It's kind of blobby.

Kenneth Snelson: I'm pretty sure what I'm seeing here is part of the internal mechanism of the Lament Configuration.

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5 Responses:

  1. I was gonna say "this needs to be in xscreensaver", then I noticed the tag. Now I await delightedly.

  2. cthulhu says:

    Ah, quaternions! Higher order manifolds! Antisymmetric transformations!

    ...uh, I need a drink...

    • MattV says:

      Modular forms and elliptic curves! Infinite fire revolving around infinite parallels fractals of infinite reality, each cascading, gliding in an infinite wheel.

  3. pawliger says:

    The Platonic Pedant sez: looks like the 12 count red gears should be listed as aligned with dodecahedron vertices, and the 20 count blue gears aligned with icosahedron vertices. Reversed in the description they are.

  4. That's a blast from the past--I remember one of those "Leonardo Da Vinci Atom Model" models being featured in a book called "Super Stereogram" (along with several stereo pairs of his) in the mid 1990s.