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Normally I don't bother posting about bands I didn't enjoy, because why bother? When I post photos of a band I saw, it's because I enjoyed them and recommend that you look into them too.

But, I didn't see any good bands on day 3, so, why not:

Lykke Li: The first time I saw her at the Fox, the sound was so awful that after four songs, my friends and I just went and had a drink next door instead (take that, Fallacy of Sunk Cost!) This time, the sound was ok but she was still awful. So how did that first album happen?

Flume: Someone recommended this guy. Look at him, pressing play on other peoples' music. Wow.

Cut Copy: I always think, "Wait, I know these guys, don't I? Do I like them?" then I see them and re-remember that all of their songs are the exact same song and that I liked that song better when it was called "Love Vigilantes".

The Killers: They started with their one hit, AKA their one good song, and then played an entire set of ballads and covers of 70s bullshit.

Warpaint, Tegan & Sara, Arctic Monkeys and Tycho were good, though. And this festival is in a really nice part of the park, so it's a good excuse to wander around the woods and drink.

Also: bougiest festival food ever. Instead of your usual street food nonsense like fries and corndogs, my usual fare was more like: a steamed pork bun, oysters and a cheese plate. So that part was pretty great.

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3 Responses:

  1. gmontag says:

    In the name of truth, most EVERY song is better if it is called Love Vigilantes.

  2. DaveL says:

    Arctic Monkeys seem to have one song with a lot of different titles, but for some reason (insanity, perhaps) I still enjoy them.

  3. bode says:

    Dunno, i heard Lykke Li not too long ago on KCRW in LA and it looks like she's actually capable aka actually performing:


    Maybe the venues just suck and/or all she can do is sing in a studio? It's pretty delicate stuff.