Pipedream III:

Pipedream III is a high resolution embolograph (bubble raster). Like earlier Pipedream pieces, Pipedream III utilizes a series of computer controlled pneumatic solenoids to inject small bubbles which slowly float up the tube, serving as pixels.

Unlike Pipedream I and II, this piece has 96 tubes of a smaller diameter. With this setup and some elaborate software, I can create relatively clear images.

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  1. James says:

    How is it even possible to do that much work but fail to calibrate the column elevation increment from injecting the bubbles? Just look at the video! That kind of mistake, I would swear is impossible to make. It's so obvious and evident, and it can't be more than a few lines of code even in assembly. Unless they left it in to look krufty and overly analog instead of sleek and finished? No other possible explanation.

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