Streamup: Less than ideal.

Today it makes Safari hypnowheel the window forever; Firefox hypnowheels for 2 minutes then Flash crashes:

This is awesome.


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Tech Industry Believes it Invented San Francisco, Burning Man, and Sex

Seems legit:

"Prior to the tech industry, no one had really considered creating experimental communities, or going camping," Harris said. "But then thousands of tech workers disrupted the desert and invented DJs."

Not everything has gone well since then, Harris admitted. "The problem with Burning Man is that since the tech industry invented it, it's gotten so popular that all these artists are showing up, and they don't know anything about the culture."

That's also a problem with what many see as the tech industry's crowning achievement: the city of San Francisco.

"We really knocked that one out of the park," said Twitter Vice President Larry Johnson. "When we got here there wasn't a single unaffordable building, there were musicians in lofts, and the place was just filled with women. But we've really turned that around."

LinkedIn Senior Data Analyst Rod Suchet agreed. "San Francisco is famous the whole world over as a city of art, and art was originally an App for the iStore. It's famous for its restaurants, and restaurants were originally developed so that Google's cafeteria could telecommute. Honestly, was there even a music scene in San Francisco before Pandora digitized it? Did this town even have an economy before we started to displace it?"

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Dear Apple,

The Lightning connector is bad, and you should feel bad.


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