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Normally I don't bother posting about bands I didn't enjoy, because why bother? When I post photos of a band I saw, it's because I enjoyed them and recommend that you look into them too.

But, I didn't see any good bands on day 3, so, why not:

Lykke Li: The first time I saw her at the Fox, the sound was so awful that after four songs, my friends and I just went and had a drink next door instead (take that, Fallacy of Sunk Cost!) This time, the sound was ok but she was still awful. So how did that first album happen?

Flume: Someone recommended this guy. Look at him, pressing play on other peoples' music. Wow.

Cut Copy: I always think, "Wait, I know these guys, don't I? Do I like them?" then I see them and re-remember that all of their songs are the exact same song and that I liked that song better when it was called "Love Vigilantes".

The Killers: They started with their one hit, AKA their one good song, and then played an entire set of ballads and covers of 70s bullshit.

Warpaint, Tegan & Sara, Arctic Monkeys and Tycho were good, though. And this festival is in a really nice part of the park, so it's a good excuse to wander around the woods and drink.

Also: bougiest festival food ever. Instead of your usual street food nonsense like fries and corndogs, my usual fare was more like: a steamed pork bun, oysters and a cheese plate. So that part was pretty great.

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Unicode Character 'PILE OF POO' (U+1F4A9)

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Pro tip: never install the app.

Chvrches cancelled on Outside Lands, and the official app never pushed an update. (You had ONE JOB.) We found out by word of mouth from someone who had read it on Twitter an hour before.

This kind of fail has been my experience with every festival- or conference-related app I've ever seen.

Never install the app. They're all made my third-party dot-com carpetbaggers running some kind of con on the people who actually make the event go.

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