SOMA Nature Walk, wormsign video

The tunnel boring machines break through at around 2:55:

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  1. hey, they got Kyle McLachlan to narrate too

  2. Lolo says:

    Is there a consensus yet about the usefulness of the project (notwithstanding the use of cool TBMs)? The Wikipedia page says the project has been criticized because of its poor cost-effectiveness. I've read that it's a tool of future gentrification in Chinatown, and/or was done to please a clientele of politically well-connected people in Chinatown. Is there any truth to this?

    • mattyj says:

      Probably all true, but being someone who rides Muni around town every weekend, it'll be great to have a connection from the main artery (Market Street) up to North Beach. I can get from one corner of the city where I live (Ocean Beach) to the furthest reaches in North Beach on two trains.

      Extending a municipal rail system is rarely a bad idea in the end.

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