Hey, I made a robot

Based on the above photo, obviously. I'm hoping to 3D-print award statues for the winners of the DNA Lounge Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge that will resemble the flyer. Since anything worth doing is worth over-doing, I geared it up so that turning the crank will move the feet! (Assuming I got it right on the first try.) I don't think you can print springs, though, so I didn't go that far.

Incidentally, Maya is a pain in the ass.

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7 Responses:

  1. Nick Lamb says:

    Timely mention, with Robocup just finishing up down south. Your trophy is certainly less gaudy than the Louis Vuitton Humanoid Cup.

  2. You, sir, are the bomb. I love your robot!!

  3. Tom Lord says:

    Please stop studying how to build real things out of gears. We know how you think. This is not going to end well.

  4. nooj says:

    You can print springs, as long as the spring size is much larger than the printer's "resolution". (Theoretically, the goo could be drawn out so that the spring is one or more continuous threads, giving great strength, but I've never seen that kind of research being done. In 5-10 years I bet it will have been done.)

    The spring constant will depend on the material, obviously, and can be adjusted by the spring's thickness. The breaking strain will depend again on the material and thickness, and also on the printing technology (SLA, SLS, nylon, etc.) and orientation of the part on the part bed (vertical, horizontal, askew).

    Basically, if you don't ask too much of your spring, it will work fine. Think in terms of short and squat and a small travel and not long or skinny or a large travel.

  5. nooj says:

    Another note on printing multiple pieces to fit together with a close tolerance: There is error in the printing process, and additionally the pieces will deform in unpredictable ways as they cool down. The more unevenly they cool down, the more malformed your piece will be. Trial and error is going to be paramount.

  6. nils says:

    3DP actually works alright for constant force springs, which is what you'd use.

    3DP spring car

    Gear + coil spring

    3DP catapault