Airplane drops fish bombs to repopulate lake:

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  1. KC Crowell says:

    Can't read that title without "fish bomb" playing to the tune of Sex Bomb in my head.

  2. Jesper says:

    This won't scale.

  3. Stuart says:

    I remember Huell Howser showing this; CalGold , tagged as "air drop trout" on Chapman Uni Howser Archive . Oh My GOSH and end credits with 1950s footage

  4. Daniel Marsh says:

    Somewhat similar than this, states in the southern US carpet bomb themselves with fishmeal and frozen mice packets that contain vaccines against rabies. I think the idea is to keep the incidence in foxes, coyotes and other commonly rabid species low so that they don't pass it along to dogs (which might bite humans).

  5. Will says:

    So I've seen this happen in real life. Hiking in the Sierras, 7pm or so after a long day, cresting the top of a 1400ft pass. There's a lake about half a mile long and half as wide nestled in this tiny valley thousands of feet above the surrounding area. Everyone in the group is dead tired, and when we get to the lake at the top where we plan to stay, all of the campsites are taken. Did I mention the hail? We're standing on the trail while someone who amazingly still has energy scouts around for an open site. I'm staring across this lake at a mountain trying to relax a little, but it's not going well.

    Finally, the hail clears up. Enter bush plane, center stage, from over a mountain. It's angled straight down, looks like it's going to fly over the lake and crash into us. About halfway across this lake it pulls up and drops hundreds - thousands - of fish into the lake. Some of them miss and land on the ground. We throw them back. The fish are sedated, and float on the surface for several minutes before waking up and swimming underwater.

    It made the entire day's pain worth it. Truly one of the greatest moments of my life.

  6. nightbird says:

    Were these fish being stocked for sport fishing, or to support the ecology?

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