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Naked Contortionist Models Transformed Into Animals

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No vagina boat for you.

Japanese Woman Arrested for Selling 3D Printable Files of Her Genitals

Tokyo Metropolitan Police announced that they have arrested a 42-year-old woman named Megumi Igarashi (aka Rokudenashi-ko) on suspicion of selling and distributing 3D printable design files of her own genitals. These files are said to have been sent via email to a 30-year-old man in Kagawa Prefecture, as well as many others, back in March.

According to reports, Igarashi has been selling her 3D design files to raise money to construct a boat that looks like a vagina. Since she began distribution of her art in October, she has raised ¥1 million (approximately $9,845).

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Replicants Don't Wear Plaid


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