How the fuck did Snowpiercer get 94%? That piece of shit isn't even as good as Riddick!

Also, I think it's time for a gritty reboot of Starcrash (1978).

I thought that if I googled "Starcrash cosplay" there would be no results. I was mistaken.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein it's the Thirteenth!

Today is July 13th, which means it's the thirteenth anniversary of the current incarnation of DNA Lounge.

A while back, we stopped really celebrating the July 13th anniversary and switched to the anniversary of the club itself, which is coming up on DNA Lounge Day, November 22, but you should come out to the Star Wars party we're having tonight and ponder with me how god damned long we've been at this.

Since Friday the 13th, July 2001:

Total events:   3,077
Total live shows:   943
Total bands:   3,115
Total djs:   2,672
Events per month, this year:   33.9
Live shows per month, this year:   16.1
Events per week, this year:   7.9
Live shows per week, this year:   3.8
21+ events this year:     47.3%
21+ events since 2001:   65.4%

Let's see if we can get that "events per month" number up to around 60.

We still have some of those 25th Anniversary posters for sale, by the way. Hint hint.


Delorean Overdrive

So vocoder. Much laser. Wow.

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