I find the new, mixed-case street signs disconcerting.

(Insert style sheet joke here.)

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Today in Internet Psychosurgery news

Facebook: Unethical, untrustworthy, and now downright harmful

Facebook's "Experimental evidence" hypothesis amounted to "let's see if we can plant unhappiness and make it spread." The hypothesis was tested on a large group of people -- and their networks -- that couldn't consent to the experiment, and had no way to actually track whatever impact it had on people's lives.

Facebook, once again, did what it's good at: tracking us, failing to get consent, and avoiding accountability.

Adam Kramer -- who worked on both studies -- posted a non-apology to Facebook that utterly missed the point, saying they were sorry about the way they had described the experiment while attempting to re-frame the concept of user consent as if it were a formality.

In classic Facebook style, he blamed users for being upset, as if news of emotional tampering in people's day-to-day lives was simply a misunderstanding that only anxious people worried about.

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Today in hippo news

Escobar's hippos are doing well:

Valderrama, whose job until recently included watching over the hippos in the Magdalena, has seen animals up to 155 miles away from Hacienda Napoles. Fishermen are terrified of the three-tonne herbivores, he says. At night, the animals roam the countryside, wandering into ranches, eating crops and occasionally crushing small cows.

Colombian people, he believes, are more vulnerable than Africans because they see hippos as cuddly, "floppy" animals. The respected El Colombiano newspaper recently reported that children in a school near Hacienda Napoles are sharing a pond with the animals, and having direct contact with hippo calves at home. [...]

Hildebrand has another, more radical solution: "I think they should barbecue them and eat them." The animal is said to have tasted similar to pork.

Valderrama doesn't recommend eating the meat, in case it is infected with a transmittable disease - one dead hippo was found to be carrying leptospirosis which can cause meningitis - but he does see the complete elimination of male hippos as the most practical solution.

This was also the view of international experts from the World Wildlife Fund and the Disney Foundation, who visited Colombia in 2010 - they described the hippo situation as a "time bomb". But Echeverri can see how this story would play internationally, and wants to avoid it.

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Fish mall.

An abandoned shopping mall full of fish

The onetime Thai shopping emporium was shut down in 1997 due to building code violations and a massive fire that destroyed its roof. Apparently rainwater slowly filled the abandoned building and caused a major mosquito outbreak in the area. It was a bad enough problem that in an effort to stop the mosquitos, locals introduced freshwater fish to the abandoned mall to eat the insects.

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Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu

"We see through the insignificance of your primitive ape society to the coming storm of insanity that is His rise."

The Penney estate, devout cultists and owners of the multibillion-dollar chain of mid-range department stores, joined by CEO Mike Ullman, sued the government in 2012 when new federal employee protections made it illegal for them to hire virgin maidens for the sole purpose of spilling their blood on the Altar of the Cosmos, with the hope that such an offering will prolong the Great Old One's slumber in the sunken city of R'lyeh.[...]

"The majority's ruling sets a frightening precedent for our nation," Justice Sotomayor wrote in the dissent. "Would the court extend to the Tcho-Tcho people of Chaugnar Faugn the freedom of cannibalism, or grant commitment-free zoning permits to the Chesuncook Witch Coven for erecting their subterranean shoggoth pits? This ruling opens the door to such atrocities."

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