Autocomplete, you autocomplete me.

I love that I only have to type "wubw" now for "wubwubwubstep".
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I don't, but I want to.

And before you get any ideas, "Bug Juggler's functions and ability to juggle automobiles and other large heavy objects are protected under USPTO Patent Pending law."

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Mark your calendars

Very thin this month. Upcoming events of note:

Tue, Jul 01:   Odd Salon @ California Historical Society
Tue, Jul 01:   Thrill Kill Kult @ DNA Lounge
Wed, Jul 02:   EMA @ Independent
Tue, Jul 08:   Odd Salon: Madness @ DNA Lounge
Sun, Jul 13:   A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Jul 18:   Jessika Von Rabbit @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Jul 22:   Odd Salon: Illusion @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Aug 01:   Terminator Too / Point Break Double Bill @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Aug 12:   The Coathangers @ Rickshaw
Sun, Sep 14:   Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Oct 31:   All Hallow's Eve @ DNA Lounge

What have you got?

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Dear Lazyweb, do you have suggestions for a good set of Maya tutorials? Or a book?

Textual tutorials vastly preferred over video ones, since videos seem to always take forever to get to the mumbled point.

The googs are full of Maya tutorials -- yes, I can goog too -- but all the ones I've found are crap.

I've gotten pretty good at Sketchup, but it is terrible at many things (importing or exporting things that are usable by other programs; creating printable, water-tight models; etc., etc.) so I'm trying to graduate to what the big kids use.

Unsurprisingly, it has a learning curve like a plumb line.

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