Legal tender for all debts, sweaty and private.

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  1. Grace Bones says:

    i did my time working in cafes and restaurants. two stories that stick out in my mind:

    everyday a cyclist would come into the cafe fresh from a long ride for a blueberry scone. he would be drenched in sweat and out of breath, and everyday without fail he would reach into the butt flap pocket of his cycle shorts to retrieve is hot, soggy money to pay for his scone. it go to the point that i would put on gloves to take his money, till i got in trouble for doing it. one day i even asked him to please try to put the money on a plastic bag or something to keep it dry, and he was both baffled and offended, and the hot soggy money remained an issue.

    a woman came into the cafe and ordered a latte and a croissant, and handed me her cash. i was stared by the fact it was both damp, as well as moldy. i dropped it and asked, "what is this?" she says, "oh, i just found it in my gym bag with my swimsuit. i had completely forgotten about it." without thinking i said, "that's disgusting." she was offended, "what? it's still money!" she left pissed off, as if somehow my disgust at her handing me wet moldy money that had been mouldering in her gym back along with the damp crotch and butt of her swimsuit without so much as a warning was the ultimate offense.

    • Ian Young says:

      A friend was once reprimanded while working returns at Victoria's Secret for using a wad of kleenex to pick up a pair of still-squidgy panties someone had bought the day before but now "didn't fit".

  2. Nadya Doe says:

    Shawn Phillips would never have this policy.

  3. DaveL says:

    Missed the chance to have the music track be Tuneyards' "Water Fountain."

    But then ... Tuneyards, so ... okay.

  4. Rick C says:

    Years ago, working at a convenience store, I had a guy come in in the middle of the night and buy some booze, and pay with a few sopping one-dollar bills. Yes, they were urine-soaked, which I didn't realize until after I'd taken them.

  5. Line Noise says:

    I don't think I'd mind too much being paid in boobs. I already have plenty of socks, though.

  6. Alan Smithee says:

    "It's gross


    (my mantra)

  7. mattyj says:

    I'm fine with sweaty boob money. I worked for years in retail and I'm just now discovering this is a thing?