jwz mixtape 142

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 142.

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  1. Ben says:

    Regarding the Miley Cyrus video, is there some kind of dark ritual ceremony where Madonna passes off the torch to the next weird oversexed white girl?

  2. nooj says:

    This is a lovely mixtape!

    I really liked the Emika, College, and Poliça videos. I had seen the Poliça one because they announced it somewhere (twitter?). It's got some interesting iamamiwhoami eyelashes! I like them better on Jonna than Channy.

    Also new to me was The Mast, The Hics, Porter Robinson, and Max Cooper. Those are all great, and I want to see more by them.

    No tour dates near me, though. Is there a way to follow a bunch of bands, and automatically notice when a critical mass of them will be in the same city the same weekend, and automatically look for a flight+hotel deal and email me and my friends the reservation? If a friend lives in that city, I don't even need the hotel. Have the threshold be, say, $10 to $20 to $50/band. It would be fun to have a drink with distant friends on a lark! Probably cheaper than SXSW, per band.

    I understand Hotels.com has an API designed exactly for that kind of thing, and will pay you each time someone books through your app. Bandsintown's v1 API will give you both artist schedules and city schedules (and a cut of the ticket sales). That's pretty much all you need. Someone work on that!


    Of course the Wolf Alice video is great. I'm glad I re-discovered them at SXSW. Not sure how I managed to forget about them before. They are wonderful live.

    Also, after adding this mixtape to my itunes, I decided it was time to call my library's shared name "the rainbow strapon."