This "Amazon Music" app can choke on a bucket of cocks.

Fuck Amazon. Fuck them right in their Cloud.

It's bad enough that, previously, Amazon wouldn't just give me a .zip of my MP3 album purchases, but made me dick around with their crappy "Amazon MP3 Downloader" intermediary app (which seemed to need to update itself twice a week, because come on, you couldn't be expected to ever actually get something that complicated right, right?)

It's bad enough that a few months ago, they started interposing three more clicks with every download -- "Are you SURE you don't want to install Amazon Cloud Player?" and completely ignoring me every time I said "No".

But now they seem to have discontinued even that, and now the only way to download MP3s is to go through a bunch of additional clicks in this new bullshit "Amazon Music" app that seems to be trying to replicate all of iTunes. And buried somewhere in there is "Export".

So that's going to work out really well for them.

It's almost enough to make me start buying music from Apple instead. (Ha ha, I kid, I kid, nothing would ever make me sink that low.)

Hooray for user-hostile lock-in! Why don't you just figure out a way to have a tiny hammer pop out of my screen and hit me in the face every time I try to give you money!


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