XScreenSaver 5.27

XScreenSaver 5.27 out now. A couple new hacks this time, and a bunch of performance improvements and bug fixes, plus support for multithreading. Currently only the analogtv hacks and interference are taking advantage of that, but it helps!

I'm moderately pleased with how tessellimage (pictured to the right) looks, but it's really slow until it builds its cache.

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  1. Joe Loughry says:

    I read that (in conjunction with the picture) as "Tessier-Ashpool S.A."

    Guess it's time to read that book again.

  2. Jeff Warnica says:

    On OpenSuse 13.1 with no special configuration I know of, I had to:

    $ LIBS=-lpthread ./configure

    and also /block/ comment out the 3 line comments in hacks/delaunay.c at 89-93. Encoding issues??

    • robert_ says:

      On Ubuntu 14.04, I found and fixed both of those but now I'm stuck on:

      screenhack.c:239: undefined reference to `XmuPrintDefaultErrorMessage'

      • Dave Odell says:

        Try sudo apt-get install libxmu-dev and then redoing ./configure.

        Or better yet, try sudo apt-get build-dep xscreensaver.

        • robert_ says:

          libxmu-dev was already installed and build-dep xscreensaver installed a number of other things but I'm still getting the same error, even after a previous 'make clean' :(

          • Dave Odell says:

            Did you do ./configure before make clean?

            And if it still doesn't work, look in config.h for HAVE_XMU. Is that #defined to be 1? And if it isn't set to 1, look in config.log for "checking for X11/Xmu/Error.log"; there'll probably be a failed test program there.

            • robert_ says:

              Ah, that worked now. Rather surprised as I would have thought ./configure would fail in the absence of any required libraries.

              BTW I got the following on 'make install':

              make[1]: *** No rule to make target `screensaver-properties.desktop', needed by `install-gnome'. Stop.

              However, maybe we should continue this elsewhere rather than turning jwz's blog into bugzilla ;)

              • Dave Odell says:

                Save the following as intltool-desktop-rule.patch:

                < # @INTLTOOL_DESKTOP_RULE@
                > @INTLTOOL_DESKTOP_RULE@

                Then, try:

                xscreensaver-5.27$ patch driver/Makefile.in < intltool-desktop-rule.patch
                xscreensaver-5.27$ aclocal
                xscreensaver-5.27$ autoconf
                xscreensaver-5.27$ LIBS=-lpthread ./configure
                xscreensaver-5.27$ make clean && make

                And hopefully,
                xscreensaver-5.27$ sudo make install
                ...should work.

                > However, maybe we should continue this elsewhere rather than turning jwz's blog into bugzilla ;)

                Well, I don't mind if you want to try:
                xscreensaver-5.27$ grep -rho 'Dave Odell <.*>' . | head -n1
                (That should fool the spam bots.)

              • jwz says:

                Well, it's supposed to use its own Xmu stuff if libXmu isn't found, so I'm not sure what went wrong there.

    • Dave Odell says:

      That first one is my fault, sorry. I made an ill-advised last minute change without testing it the way I should have.

      But yeah, the thing you did is thing to do on (many? most? all?) Linux systems with glibc.