So that's going well.

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  1. I put it on a loop, and now I can't get this gun unstuck from my hand. On the plus side, Debbie Harry is a pretty good kisser.

  2. Alan Smithee says:


  3. Jon Lennox says:

    I can't tell if something's actually wrong or if this is the latest xscreensaver hack.

  4. Obviously, you need a Genius. Because they've always been able to fix any real problem, by direct virtue of job title.

  5. cfs says:

    THE POWER OF JOBS COMPELS YOU… to buy a new iMac. Extra bad news, looks like a refresh is likely later this year.

  6. Its holding up like the kiosks did...

  7. John Adams says:

    Well, that's just the best display, ever.

  8. gryazi says:

    I appreciate the way you end up being the canary for all this "Oh, I can expect to end up having to deal with that the next time I'm near a Mac someday" stuff. Have some not-helpful links from some initial imagesearching (for personal edification as to what cable problems look like while inspired to look, not adamant that's the problem).

    Peculiarly similar corruption:

    Blames the SMC:

    There's no Mac crapware sneaking around that tries to mine coins in the background, is there? But that seems very no-way for this symptom and the flickering has a bit of that 'timing problem' look to it. (Apple bumped something re: digital 'overscan'? Where does Apple put the equivalent of that mysterious "Alternate DVI Mode" toggle in Catalyst Control Center, which has something mysterious to do with timing/framing?)

  9. Mike says:

    I occasionally got some snow with my old mac mini and my dell 2408, but I think it turned out to be a loose connector. I have no fucking clue how digital stuff makes snow like that.

    But it's not as bad as some of my pains configuring X11 on linux.

    • gryazi says:

      When digital links don't know where the pixels should be they tend not to render at all, but otherwise they're as susceptible to noise as youH ol#,m4dem ;inkNO CARRIER

      So once the link is negotiated but most of it is garbage you still get to see snow (minus certain artifacts from the receiver circuitry that made TV snow look especially like TV snow - find a picture from a positive modulation standard like "British 405 line" and it looks like NTSC inverted, like the color of the sky over there).

  10. Patrick says:

    Yeah, my late '09 imac used to do that on the external display every now and then. A display sleep/wake cycle usually cleared it up. Until now when display sleep is randomly fatal - the OS is up, I can ssh in, but the video card is unresponsive and it gets hung up on shutdown.

    So these days I resort to OS sleep, which is annoying.

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