jwz mixtape 141

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 141.

The track three band, Mars Argo, are playing at DNA Lounge on Fri, June 27. You should come.

The Youtube start/end-time editor is almost completely nonfunctional today -- it really just gets better every time -- so this time I had to eyeball it to carve off all the bullshit title-sequence branding and credits.

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javascript gallery swipe-right rocket surgery

How do I make page-swiping work properly in the DNA Lounge photo galleries? Go to any photo page and swipe left or right on your phone. It goes to the next or previous image, but it kinda sucks. I'd like to de-suckify it.

My code is here: dragnav.js.

What I'd like:

  • Dragging animates the current page sliding out and the new page sliding in.

  • Presumably this would require pre-loading the HTML and images on both the next and previous pages, to get them in the cache early.

  • Dragging actually changes the page URL. (And changes it from "001.html" to "002.html", not to some bullshit like "index.html#002".)

  • Good answers come in the form of "here's a Javascript snippet" rather than in the form of "here's a 30,000 line all-singing all-dancing mobile gallery application that does a ton of shit you don't care about."


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WaterColorBot Clock

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Because of the pixels

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Godzilla vs. Cloverfield

Even my breakfast of popcorn and bourbon didn't make this tolerable.

(Also the Bay is not 100' deep and Battery St. is not 150' wide, OMG.)

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So this happened.

What is meant by "Now you have two problems"?

There is a popular quote by Jamie Zawinski:

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems.


I mention this only because it gives me a chance to tell you about one of the saddest features of my Twitter feed, which is that every couple of weeks, someone out there in the dunderweb @-mentions me with this super clever new variant they've just now thought up all by themselves on either "now you have two problems" or the Law of Software Envelopment (the latter usually sounds something like "Hurf durf cloud durf Facebook hurf durf expands hurf durf git".)


Stop. Please stop.


You are making a "GOT MILK"* joke here, people. It's the Twenty First God Damned Century. It is no longer the Nineteen Hundred and Nineties. It's time for some new jokes!

(Though I did get a kick out of this one for a minute.)

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Icecast Stream Tester

So I wrote this thing yesterday. I don't know how useful it is, but maybe it will help me figure out what's going on the next time iTunes breaks everything.

This directory contains an application for testing the behavior of various streaming-network-audio players. It creates a test MP3 stream that produces metadata in various ways, to let you see which variations work with which players.

Let me know if it leads you to any interesting or useful discoveries.

It's probably the case that this blog post is no longer completely true with iTunes 11.1.5, but I haven't tested it thoroughly. I started to do that, since I wanted to make sure that mixtape 14Ø was working properly, but then I realized, "Wait, what the fuck am I doing?" and just added support for audio mixtapes through a jPlayer popup instead, so that I don't have to care whether iTunes works. And that seems to be working, even on iOS. So there's that.

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Nice moped, dude

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The Dollyrots

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Google Has Most of My Email Because It Has All of Yours

Benjamin Mako Hill:

For almost 15 years, I have run my own email server which I use for all of my non-work correspondence. I do so to keep autonomy, control, and privacy over my email and so that no big company has copies of all of my personal email. [...]

Despite the fact that I spend hundreds of dollars a year and hours of work to host my own email server, Google has about half of my personal email! Last year, Google delivered 57% of the emails in my inbox that I replied to. They have delivered more than a third of all the email I've replied to every year since 2006 and more than half since 2010. On the upside, there is some indication that the proportion is going down. So far this year, only 51% of the emails I've replied to arrived from Google. [...]

I've broken down the proportions of emails I received that come from Google in the graph below for all email (top) and for emails I have replied to (bottom). In the graphs, the size of the dots represents the total number of emails counted to make that proportion.

The numbers are higher than I imagined and reflect somewhat depressing news. They show how it's complicated to think about privacy and autonomy for communication between parties. I'm not sure what to do except encourage others to consider, in the wake of the Snowden revelations and everything else, whether you really want Google to have all your email. And half of mine.

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