Godzilla vs. Cloverfield

Even my breakfast of popcorn and bourbon didn't make this tolerable.

(Also the Bay is not 100' deep and Battery St. is not 150' wide, OMG.)

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7 Responses:

    • jwz says:

      Ok, I didn't know the bay was that deep under the bridge. But it was conveniently 30' deep as soon as he stood up right after it.

      Somewhere in the pitch for this turd, someone probably said with complete seriousness, "there's a giant lizard in it, but really it's about family."

      • Megabyte Mike says:

        Quote of the year.

      • mlis says:

        since i'm the sort of person who enjoyed transformers and 2012, i'm just going to assume godzilla had a lift to bring him up from under stage and that anything like dives into shallow parts of the bay are assisted by same.

  1. mattyj says:

    After watching it I'm fairly certain they didn't shoot a single frame of it in San Francisco. They did a good job on the GG Bridge set, though, except that they went north on it to get to the Coliseum.