Firefox and MP3s

Dear Lazyweb, if you know why Firefox can no longer play the DNA Lounge audio archives, please let me know.

"Media resource could not be decoded."

Apparently adding DRM is just fine but continuing to be able to play MP3s is beyond the pale.

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The sad state of bicycling in SF

I've found myself choosing to walk instead of bike a lot more often lately, because when I walk, absolutely no one ever attempts to murder me, and I almost never end up screaming obscenities at strangers.

Sometimes it's nice to have a day with no screaming in it.

Yesterday some contractor-truck-driving motherfucker actually tried to squeeze me off the road, presumably for having the audacity to take the whole lane so that someone wouldn't turn left in front of me.

Biking in this city just gets more horrible every day.

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Echo Hat

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Snitch is needy.

Lying in a field in the dark, I roll over and my pocket starts screaming NO INTERNET, NO INTERNET out loud.

Siri, you are yappy like a needy puppy.

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Coprophagia Prevention

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