jwz mixtape 141

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 141.

The track three band, Mars Argo, are playing at DNA Lounge on Fri, June 27. You should come.

The Youtube start/end-time editor is almost completely nonfunctional today -- it really just gets better every time -- so this time I had to eyeball it to carve off all the bullshit title-sequence branding and credits.

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javascript gallery swipe-right rocket surgery

How do I make page-swiping work properly in the DNA Lounge photo galleries? Go to any photo page and swipe left or right on your phone. It goes to the next or previous image, but it kinda sucks. I'd like to de-suckify it.

My code is here: dragnav.js.

What I'd like:

  • Dragging animates the current page sliding out and the new page sliding in.

  • Presumably this would require pre-loading the HTML and images on both the next and previous pages, to get them in the cache early.

  • Dragging actually changes the page URL. (And changes it from "001.html" to "002.html", not to some bullshit like "index.html#002".)

  • Good answers come in the form of "here's a Javascript snippet" rather than in the form of "here's a 30,000 line all-singing all-dancing mobile gallery application that does a ton of shit you don't care about."


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