15 potential headquarters for the Illuminati

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15. Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida - for more on this, read The Disney Bloodline, which includes among other things, an extensive break-down about how Fantasia is used as "a standard programming tool." Really, the whole Disney empire is suspect, what with the underground tunnels with human programming rooms.

14. Salt Lake LDS Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah - there's a lot of symbolism that can be tied to the Illuminati, but this isn't so much a hidden truth as it is related to the life of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, Jr., as his older brother and possibly his father were Freemasons.

13. Statue of Liberty, New York City - the initial post is just tying the sculptor, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, to the Freemasons, but it goes deeper than that. See more: Brad Meltzer's Decoded - Statue of Liberty

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3 Responses:

  1. Pavel Lishin says:

    I haven't played Illuminati with anyone in nearly a decade, because none of my friends have the patience to learn, and if I'm being totally honest with myself, I don't have the patience to teach.

  2. Nick Lamb says:

    "Big Ben, London"

    Big Ben (real name "The Great Bell") is the bell that marks the hour, the clock attached to the bell is sometimes unimaginatively called the Great Westminster Clock, the impressive tower is Elizabeth Tower. Surely if there's one thing a landmark conspiracy theorist should have their finger on it would be the correct designations of the landmarks in question?

    Also, Elizabeth Tower is a really hopeless place to put the headquarters of your global conspiracy. Maybe not quite so hopeless as the Eiffel Tower, but still really terrible. There's a lot of staircase, a huge mechanical clock but it really lacks office space. It's like these people have never run a huge global conspiracy and don't appreciate all the bureaucracy involved.

  3. Mariachi says:

    Go figure, lots of historical buildings have connections to a society of masons.

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