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DNA Lounge: Wherein this blog post comes from THE FUTURE.

SF Weekly's Best of SF is out, and...

Best Futuristic Nightclub: DNA Lounge

DNA Lounge evokes a sense of the future in its iconic interior design. Step through the door, and you'll swear you've been transported to some battle-scarred spaceship traversing an obscure corner of a resource-depleted universe. That aesthetic also manifests itself in the club's tech savvy, which includes interesting touches like hacked ATMs (bearing ironic and strangely dystopian slogans like, "This machine dispenses your god!"), a 24-hour online webcast, and free, high-speed WiFi throughout the club. Next door, DNA also runs a pizza place that serves slices 24 hours a day -- along with coffee and booze (when it's allowed). If that's not the future, we don't know what is.



Pussycar Automodul 248cc 1968

The eccentric designer of the Pussycar (or Otokart) is the Frenchman Jean Pierre Ponthieu, especially known for his work in the field of advertisement projects. He described his creation as "The Car of the Year 2000″ and said of its purpose: "In this world where everything is banal and ugly, we must know how to create the beautiful and unusual". The unique car whose rear wheel was powered by a 248cc single cylinder engine could do wheelies! It would definitely not get you anywhere quickly. It could however, rotate in place, in case you want to make friends dizzy or sick. The Pussycar had some early buyers, but as a consequence of predominantly the high costs and technical instabilities, the vehicle never made it to a broad audience.

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