Kentucky meat shower

"Cosmic meat" was floating around in space that would drop through our atmosphere similarly to meteorites. [verification needed]

The Kentucky meat shower was an incident where large chunks of red meat fell from the sky in a 100 by 50 yard area near Olympia Springs, Bath County, Kentucky, for a period of several minutes on March 3, 1876. [...] The meat appeared to be beef, but two locals who tasted it stated that it tasted like mutton, venison, or lamb. [...]

Dr. Allan McLane Hamilton stated that the meat had been identified as lung tissue from either a horse or a human infant ("the structure of the organ in these two cases being very similar.")[3] The makeup of this sample was backed up by further analysis, with two samples of the meat being identified as lung tissue, three samples were of muscle tissue, and two of cartilage.

Out of the many theories for an explanation of this phenomenon, the most likely appears to be that a large pack of buzzards flew over the area after having eaten a couple of freshly dead horses, and when one of them spontaneously disgorged itself, all the others (as apparently is customary amongst buzzards) followed suit.[2][3]

Other less-conventional explanations were put forward, including author William Livingston Alden stating that "cosmic meat" was floating around in space that would drop through our atmosphere similarly to meteorites.[4][verification needed]


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10 Responses:

  1. Mariachi says:

    The most puzzling thing about the story is: A bunch of mystery meat falls out of the sky, and more than one person’s reaction is to eat it?!

    • Chris Davies says:

      I imagine that the eating was involuntary. In Kentucky you can probably find more than one slack-jawed yokel willing to gaze skywards at meat meteors.

      They did sterling work. Science now knows that human infant lung tissue does not taste like chicken.

    • Aaron says:

      Well, to taste it, at least. I might; one thing you learn from spending time hungry as a child is that free beef's not to be sneered at.

  2. Egan Hirvela says:

    Riiiight! LOL!

  3. nooj says:

    How can I weaponize this?

  4. Steve Allen says:

    facebook pretty much solved this after the 2011 April 27 tornado outbreak where the typical distance travelled by objects was 150 km

  5. Other Jamie says:

    as apparently is customary amongst buzzards

    In Ohio, there is a strange annual festival involving many buzzards.

    I must admit that this is giving me ideas to avoid boredom if I end up visiting relatives in March.

  6. Michael V. says:

    There has to be a band somewhere named Kentucky Meat Shower, no?

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