Buck buck number three

This is the volume that the entire human population would take if you put everyone on a pile in the Grand Canyon.

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7 Responses:

  1. Grace Bones says:

    bonus points for the buck buck reference.

  2. J. Peterson says:

    I wonder if the simulation accounts for the compression experienced by the people on the bottom.

    • Ben says:

      Presumably they just set the packing efficiency to 1 for the whole pile, to get a slightly conservative result. In reality there would be some gaps a few feet into the pile but most of it would be contiguous meat.

      The real problem is that the angle of repose of a human pile isn't anywhere near that steep.

      • James says:

        Also getting everyone to the Grand Canyon at the same time would be impractical.

      • reeses says:

        They pile them with both fists up two other people's anuses. It's like flexible tinker toys or legos. legos. legos. (Are you "Lego is plural for Lego" freaks twitching yet?)

        Crurifragium is an option in more difficult cases of body packing.

    • nooj says:

      Nah, the guys on the bottom wouldn't feel nothin'. Maybe a piece of paper.

  3. Eric says:

    Come on, Fat Albert!

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